Of Pet Peeves and Annoyance

Alright, so I was sitting in a MacDonald’s Cafe, enjoying the cool and peaceful weather that came about with the rain. Did I mention I love the rain? Maybe I’ll talk about it some other time. Anyway, I was thinking about how I hate certain traits of certain people, who shall remain unnamed because I’m nice like that. Anyway, I was sitting here and then the song I was listening to, “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me” by Fall Out Boy, came to the line, “I don’t blame you for being you, but you can’t blame me for hating it”. And then I thought, “you know what? I’ll just write about things I hate about people.” So here we go.

My definite and top-of-the-list pet peeve ever, like ever, is having to endure inconsiderate people. You know who I’m talking about? I’m talking about that guy, in the public transport, who just won’t give up his seat to save his own ass. Or that massive group of friends that just created a long impossible-to-walk-past wall along the entire walkway. Or that pathetic soul who unfortunately missed his target when he tried to dunk a piece of garbage and just got lazy to dispose of it like a normal person would. Or that group of not-so-young ladies who just can’t decide where to go, so they thought that the end of the escalator would be the best place to discuss their confusion. Or… yeah I think you get it by now. People like these are the reason I don’t go out much. They are the definition of ugh.

My second pet peeve has got to be hearing people speaking grammatically incorrect. It’s not even because I think I have perfect grammar, which I definitely don’t. I just cannot tolerate people who don’t put in the effort to communicate properly. Come on, you’re educated for a reason. Many times, I have to bite back my tongue just so I don’t make an ass out of myself and offend someone. I mean, it’s a pet peeve for a reason right?

I’m generally a nice person, I’d like to think. So, I don’t really have that many pet peeves. That, and I can’t think of anything else that would make me scrunch my face in disgust. Oh and my last minor pet peeve is when people spell my name wrong. It’s Syasya. Not SyaSya, not Sya Sya. Just putting it out there.

Dance Miserable, Everyone.

With a lack of topic to talk about yet again, I have decided to put my iTunes on shuffle and write about the first song that comes on. The winner is Dance Miserable by Patrick Stump. This song is about how a man, disappointed by the political situation of his country, chooses to express his negativity through a form of art.

In many ways, this song relates very well to me. Personally, I always vent my emotions, whether good or bad, into something constructive. Sometimes I make origami, sometimes I draw, sometimes I write and sometimes I sing. I also feel like this song expresses some of my views with better diction.

I feel that this song is unique because not only is it recorded, written and produced by one Patrick Stump, but it also talks about the smaller problems that we seem to see happening on a day-to-day basis, things that matter but are too little a concern, so much so that we turn a blind eye to it.

This song is also one of my favourites because it brings out the talent aspect of a performer. Many people can sing, but not everybody can input their own unique ability and give a song its own personality. I feel that this song is very interpretive of what every performer should work towards. Also, this song encourages one to channel emotions, especially those of negativity, into something positive. This on its own leads me to believe that the songwriter wants to encourage creativity amongst people. And that is why this song is so important to me.

A Perfect World, Anyone?

I was going through some writing prompts online, because in all honesty, I was stumped as to what to write about. And then I found this perfect title, which made me ponder a little. What would be my perfect world?

I think I would say that my perfect world would revolve mainly around peace and harmony. In a perfect world, everyone would be mindful of everyone else’s opinions. Nobody would put another being down simply for thinking or acting differently, because at the end of the day, it’s the difference in thinking that has made this world so diverse. In a perfect world, everyone would be more considerate of other people’s feelings. Nobody would be the bad guy because everybody would understand what they’re doing would hurt somebody else.

In a perfect world, everyone got what they wanted, but only if they deserve it. That way, everyone has something to prove. And also, in my opinion, people will learn to earn something they really want.

But most importantly, in my perfect world, looks are a basis of someone’s personality. I don’t mean that by vanity, though. What I mean is that the better the personality, the better they look. Why? Because I feel that if you are nice to everyone else, then wouldn’t it be great to have something to show for it? And likewise, if you don’t treat others nicely, nobody would take two glances at you.

But then a new thought comes to mind. In this perfect world, where everything is just right, where you can’t find anything wrong, would we finally be happy with what we have?


Or would we just find new things to hate?